Living with Epilepsy
13 February 2017
On International Epilepsy Day, 13 February, we take a look at what it means to be diagnosed with Epilepsy, and pick apart some myths around this neurological disorder.
Your reproductive health
06 February 2017
The idea of adding a new person to your family thrills you with excitement, and the notion that there’ll be another child at your dinner table makes your heart soar.
A New Smile for the New Year
30 January 2017
Of all the health checks and appointments that we’re meant to attend each year, it often feels like a regular trip to the dentist is one we can skip…until there’s a problem.
Holding on to the Holiday Happiness
23 January 2017
You’ve been back into the daily routines of life for a few weeks now, but can’t seem to shake the post-holiday blues? You’re not alone.