National Women’s Day
07 August 2017
National Women’s Day is acknowledged, annually, in South Africa on 09 August. But what does this day truly commemorate, and why is it important to the health of our people today? Let’s find out:
What to do when someone you love is undergoing treatment
31 July 2017
August is CANSA Care Month, so we’ve created a short guide to help you when someone you love is facing illness or disease. You can also use the power of mobile health applications like LifeDoc™ to help you manage this.
Ways to Manage Your Medical Expenses
24 July 2017
Managing your family’s medical expenses can get difficult, especially during the latter half of the year, when your medical savings account has substantially depleted, or been used up entirely by July. Here’s how to make it last throughout the year:
Mandela Day
17 July 2017
Remembering our nation’s father, and an international icon, Mandela Day takes place on 18 July.