Returning to a new kind of normal
23 October 2017
It’s a relatively misunderstood health event, but having a stroke is far more common than most realise. It’s estimated that more than 200 South Africans suffer from a stroke each day, but many of these can be prevented.
Preparing For The Holiday Season
21 November 2016
It seems like 2016 has zoomed right on by and, here we are, bewilderingly scheduling our holidays. While you’re planning your itinerary, don’t forget to book those important appointments and ensure you’re ready for a great holiday season!
In An Emergency Who're You Gonna Call? It’s not Ghostbusters
14 November 2016
Knowing what to do in the event of a medical emergency is the most effective way towards turning it into a non-emergency. We’ve put together a list of important ways you can respond to an emergency situation.
Do You Know CPR?
07 November 2016
Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is important. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of those important skills you should learn, because they may be essential in an emergency.