Checkups Essential for Health
01 March 2016
Finding the time for regular health checkups isn’t always the easiest thing. Plan ahead for the year and schedule them in advance, so you’ll always be on top of your health checks.
Sun Getting Under Your Skin?
24 February 2016
During the summer months most South Africans enjoy the sunshine. But prolonged exposure to the harmful solar rays can cause skin cancer. Preventing skin cancer, however, is not difficult.
The Blood Pressure Dilemma
11 February 2016
Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, is regularly regarded as a “silent killer” as patients often link their symptoms to other health concerns, or ignore them.
The Lazy Guide to Healthy Lunchboxes
01 February 2016
Don’t give in to the allure of the tuckshop! While packing a lunchbox every day can seem like a task and a half sometimes, it doesn’t need to be.