Health File: Leukaemia
10 September 2018
Leukaemia is an often-misunderstood medical condition, and a diagnosis can be terrifying to confront. We set out the simple facts relating to Leukaemia and how you can access support services for people who have been diagnosed:
Diabetes and Your Diet
20 November 2017
Many Diabetes diagnoses could be avoided through diet. In fact, numerous research studies have revealed an astonishing fact about Type 2 Diabetes – almost 70% of these cases could have been prevented through healthy living.
Managing Your Blood Pressure
15 May 2017
As a major risk factor for the development of heart disease, stroke and even some vision-related diseases, hypertension often goes undetected, until it’s too late.
Glaucoma: The Fact File
13 March 2017
During World Glaucoma Week, we consider the facts on this medical condition. Glaucoma is, very often, misunderstood or left untreated.