Moms to be

Mom and baby’s health journey.

Record, track and share your and your baby’s health information with doctors and loved ones during pregnancy and after. Start a LifeDoc™ health record for your child from birth and retain this valuable history for them.

Key features and benefits for managing your pregnancy and baby’s health with LifeDoc™ include:

  • Pregnancy – track your entire pregnancy journey including pregnancy tests, doctor’s visits, sonars, symptoms and conditions, medicines and more
  • Share – share your and your baby’s incredible journey with loved ones, creating folders and adding attachments such as sonars, photos and notes to your health information
  • Baby’s health – start a health record for your baby from birth and track developmental milestones and health events throughout childhood, ensuring your child’s future health benefits from this valuable information
  • ICE – ensure that critical health information, such as allergies, blood type, consulting doctors and medication, is available to medical personnel in an emergency,
  • Reminders – set reminders for doctor’s appointments, scripts and postnatal immunisations for baby
  • Health assessments – monitor health indicators such as blood pressure, weight, pulse and blood glucose to make it easy to detect early warning signs
  • One-Time PIN – easy sharing of yours' or your baby’s information with your doctor with an instantly generated One-Time PIN that allows temporary access to information that you choose to share
  • Convenience – manage you and your baby’s health from one secure location and easily access the records via any Internet-enabled device
  • Family history – add maternal and/or paternal family histories to your baby’s health record to allow you and your doctor to better manage your baby’s health, including the detection of early warning signs


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