The Health-conscious

Your personal best health.

Be your healthiest self. Always. LifeDoc™ lets you record, track and share your health information when needed. Track a variety of health indicators, health events and family history to manage your health optimally and prevent disease.

Key features and benefits for managing your health with LifeDoc™ include:

  • Health assessments – track health indicators, such as BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, pulse, bone density, and respiratory rate with customised health information, health assessment profiles and graphs
  • Share – choose what you want to share with your family, friends or healthcare professionals
  • ICE – critical health information from allergies to medication is available to medical personnel in an emergency
  • Prevent disease – your personal health record allows you and your doctor to detect early warning signs of disease and prevent disease by maintaining optimal health. Add your past and current health events, including family history
  • Mobility – access your comprehensive health record with any web-enabled device no matter where you are. When you plan to travel, add immunisation reminders and ensure your emergency and health profiles are up-to-date. While away from home easily share selected health information with a new healthcare professional using the One-Time PIN  
  • Manage your health – control your health information from one organised place, set reminders and personalise your record with attachments, images, folders, profiles and links
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