The healthiest family you know. Yours.

Look after your family’s health better than ever before so that they may have the best health possible no matter what happens.

With LifeDoc™ you can record, track and share your entire family’s unique health information from one convenient place. Whenever required. A digital family health record, LifeDoc™ lets you set reminders, create folders and use easy templates. Never forget scripts, appointments, allergies, immunisations or any medical details.

Key features and benefits for managing your family’s health with LifeDoc™ include:

  • One Place - the entire family’s unique health records organised and managed in one place
  • Share – choose what you want to make available and share with family members; from viewing only to editing and generating One-Time PINs
  • One-Time PINs – request 24-hour One-Time PINs to provide once-off access to doctors to view selected records
  • Reminders – set reminders for script collections and renewals, doctor’s appointments, child or travel vaccinations, and more
  • Convenience – access from any Internet-enabled device and auto upload your medical aid claims
  • Personalisation – create folders, customise easy templates, and add images, attachments and notes
  • Emergencies – critical health information is available to medical personnel in an emergency
  • Lifetime record – one record tracks your entire family’s health throughout their lives. Your family's health history, past and current, is at hand whenever needed
  • Health management – use the information and features, health indicators and graphs to manage your family’s health and even detect early warning signs


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