Chronic Conditions

Chronic health. Managed.

Manage your or your loved one’s chronic condition for better health. LifeDoc™ lets you record, track and share your health information with doctors or family when needed. Take charge by following key health indicators, recording medicines, doctor’s visits and health events.

Key features and benefits for managing your health and chronic condition with LifeDoc™ include:

  • Chronic conditions – track key health indicators such as blood glucose, cholesterol, bone density, blood pressure, weight, respiratory rate and more for multiple chronic conditions, including asthma, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and kidney and liver diseases
  • Convenience – all your health information organised in one place with the ability to set reminders for doctor’s appointments, script collections and renewals
  • Share – use a One-Time PIN to allow your doctor to manage your chronic condition better by choosing which home care details you want to share with him/her. You can also share personally selected information with your family
  • ICE – critical health information is available to medical personnel in an emergency, giving you the best possible healthcare
  • Detection and prevention – your personal health record allows you and your doctor to detect early warning signs related to a current or secondary condition and can be used to prevent further disease  
  • Personalisation – create your own folders, health assessment and print profiles,  and add attachments and personal notes to your record and link items  
  • Saving costs – save money on healthcare costs by avoiding repeat tests when you share lab results with more than one healthcare professional or when doctors detect health concerns. Also make more accurate diagnoses earlier
  • Living Will – upload your Living Will to your record and share with your family or next of kin to communicate your wishes when you are unable to
  • Privacy – you decide who you want to share information with using the hide and unhide feature and the One-Time PIN and rights management functionality. LifeDoc utilises the highest standards in data security is independent of medical aids, and does not share personal information with third parties
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