Aspiring Moms

The power to fall pregnant.

Trying to fall pregnant can be daunting, with many factors involved. LifeDoc™ puts you in control of managing your reproductive health.  Record, track and share your health information with doctors and loved ones when needed.

With the Lady’s Diary, your fertility journey is captured on a detailed calendar. Treatment and intercourse reminders can be set and health assessments, such as basal body temperature, can be tracked.

Key features and benefits for managing your pregnancy with LifeDoc™ include:

  • Lady’s diary – a calendar to track menstrual cycle including ovulation, fertile days and symptoms, pregnancy tests, appointments, fertility medication, treatment and intercourse reminders
  • Health assessments – track your general health as well as indicators to manage conception, such as basal body temperature and cervical mucus
  • Sharing – choose what you want to share with your partner and your doctor
  • Convenience – all your information organised in one place and when baby comes, create a dependant file that you can manage from the same location
  • Customisation – you can add your own notes, attachments and folders to personalise your record
  • Fertility and beyond – track your entire journey from trying to fall pregnant, the subsequent pregnancy, birth of your baby, your child’s development, immunisations, as well as mom’s recovery and general health


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