LifeDoc™ is aimed at empowering the patient to manage their health better. Taking a pro-active, better-informed approach to improving their health means better health outcomes, better-personalised care and, therefore, better patient-provider relationships, which in turn is beneficial to your practice. Having comprehensive historical information at hand when you need it during a consultation or critical information when there is an emergency means you can make better diagnoses and treatment decisions. Used optimally, LifeDoc™ also allows you to track early warning signs and advise on preventative care.

Yes, you can be registered as a healthcare professional on LifeDoc™ and register as a personal user to keep track of your or your family’s health at the same time. Simply click on Sign Up on the main menu and register twice using both the Member Registration and the Healthcare Professional Registration buttons.

If you are already a MediSwitch client, ensure you sign the latest Licence Agreement allowing MediSwitch to pull through your patient’s claims into LifeDoc™ and you will be listed on the LifeDoc™ website as a registered LifeDoc™ healthcare professional. This enables LifeDoc™ members to search for you or your practice on the website’s Doctor Locator, accessible from the homepage. If you are not a MediSwitch client, join the more than 12,000 healthcare businesses who are. Register to send your claims through MediSwitch and sign the Licence Agreement Form. Contact MediSwitch on 0800 111 703 or email registrations@mediswitch.co.za. MediSwitch, a division of Altron TMT, has pioneered Electronic Data Interchange for healthcare in South Africa and revolutionised practice administration with the SwitchOn claim submission and management process. With LifeDoc™, MediSwitch is pioneering South Africa’s first independent personal health record.

You can access the patient’s personal health record in two ways:

  1. A patient can generate a One-Time Pin (OTP) for you that will be SMS’d to them or to you - giving you 24-hour access to his or her selected health records. You can only access these records once within that 24-hour period. You do not have to be registered with LifeDoc™ to gain OTP access. Access is via the LifeDoc website. Go to Login and click on Healthcare Professionals login. You will then be able to enter the OTP. 
  2. In an emergency situation, where the patient is incapacitated and their health and wellbeing is under threat, you can use a ‘break-the-glass’ feature to gain access to the patient’s LifeDoc™ emergency profile using your own login (you have to be registered on LifeDoc. Click on the Get Started tab at the top of the page) and his or her ID/passport number, vehicle registration or name. You will only be able to see the In Case of Emergency (ICE) information that they have captured and haven’t hidden.

An email notification will be sent to the patient whenever his or her LifeDoc™ records are accessed. The patient is also able to provide you with a summary printout of their Health Profile.


You will only be able to view the records that the patient chose to make visible and will not be able to add or edit any information. The purpose of the information is for you to have more comprehensive information related to a patient’s health history and health management at hand, such as tracking of health indicators, thereby allowing you to make better diagnoses and treatment decisions in partnership with your patient. This will improve your consultation and strengthen your relationship.


LifeDoc™ practitioner details are obtained directly from the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF). If you need your details changed, please contact BHF on 0861 30 20 10 and update your details.

You will be able to change your password details only and view your personal details. Your contact details are automatically added from the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF) list.

Yes. To do this, please call our toll-free line 0800 695 433 / 0800 MY LIFE during office hours or send an email to info@lifedoc.co.za and one of our friendly call centre agents will assist you. Being added means LifeDoc members will be able to easily find your practice on the drop-down list of healthcare professionals when they capture their doctors’ details or want to share information with you. This will not list you as a registered LifeDoc healthcare professional on the website’s Doctor Locator. To appear in that list, see the relevant FAQ in this section. LifeDoc members can add any healthcare professional they visit to their personal health record, whether they are on the drop-down list or not.