LifeDoc™ is a secure electronic personal and family health record management system designed to assist you to easily record, store, track, selectively share and manage your or your loved ones’ past and present health history for life.

LifeDoc™ is available for FREE. It is a product that automatically upload medical claims that you can then link to specific records; provides you with a One-Time PIN management facility to provide access to healthcare professionals; enables you to include attachments; allows you to create personalised folders; creates a profile summary for printing; has a health assessment template; notifies you of repeat prescriptions; contains a Lady’s Diary; offers a Living Will facility; and provides access to Associated Users who can then access select information on your account, such as a spouse, a family member, or training buddy.

You can grant temporary 24-hour access to your doctor by generating a One-Time Pin (OTP) for your doctor. An SMS with the OTP will be sent to you as you request it. The doctor can go to the LifeDoc website, click on Login in the main menu, then choose the Health Professionals Login button, which will open the Login page where the OTP can be used to view your records.

The OTP will only be active for 24 hours after generation and can only be used once during that time. An email notification will also be sent to you when anyone accesses your LifeDoc™ account in this way.

In an emergency, whether you are incapacitated or not, medical personnel should be able to access your In Case of Emergency (ICE) information. There are two ways in which they can access your emergency information:

  1. If you are able to, you can log into the LifeDoc page and generate an OTP from the main menu, the first responder or doctor can then go to the Healthcare Professionals Login and use the OTP to access your personal health record, once only.
  2. If your doctor is registered on LifeDoc™, he/she can go to the Healthcare Professionals Login and search for your ICE details using your ID number, vehicle registration number or name. The doctor will only be able to see the relevant ICE information that you captured and chose to make visible.

In both cases, you will receive an email notification that your records have been accessed. If you have set up an Associated User, e.g. a spouse, and given him/her viewing and/or OTP rights, they will also be able to access and/or generate an OTP for the healthcare provider to view the information you had chosen for them to see.

No. LifeDoc™ will not share your personalised data with any third party other than if it is permitted or required by law or you specifically authorised LifeDoc™ to do so. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions, accessible via the link at the bottom of the website pages.

LifeDoc™ employs the highest standards in data security with an SSL-certified site where you register and capture your health information to an encrypted database. LifeDoc™ stores and backs up your personal health record for you. You have total control in allowing access to chosen information for use by your healthcare providers or family members. With LifeDoc™ your privacy is paramount and your personal information is not shared with any third party unless allowed or required by law or you specifically authorised it.

Simply go to the Sign Up page to register and follow the easy steps to sign up for LifeDoc™. An email will be sent to you to activate your account. Once activated, you can start capturing your past and present health events, making sure you include your emergency information and set your relevant reminders. Most sections work with templates and prompts to help you with the type of information to record. You can also create folders, make notes and add attachments as you wish. Before seeing your doctor, login to LifeDoc and request a One-Time PIN from the main menu, choosing “Generate OTP”. The OTP will be valid for 24-hours, so when seeing your doctor, he/she can use the OTP on the website under the Healthcare Professional Login to view your selected records.

An Associated User is any person who has been granted access by you, the Primary Member, to your LifeDoc™ account or that of your dependant(s). The Associated User can be your spouse, family member or training buddy. The Associated User has to be registered on LifeDoc™. You can assign Viewing, Editing and/or One-Time PIN rights to Associated Members. Associated Members who have editing rights cannot hide/unhide your records. If you only want someone, such as a healthcare professional or specialist, to see selected records once only, rather generate a One-Time PIN access.

There is no limit to the number of dependants you can link to your profile.

Yes. You can limit viewing and editing rights to your Associated Users and dependants/members. You can choose to give the following rights to your account:

  • Viewing rights: the selected person can view your medical records.
  • Editing rights: the selected person can edit/update your medical records.
  • OTP rights: the selected person can generate a One-Time Pin for one time viewing of your records by a healthcare provider during a 24-hour period.  


Yes. Once you finish entering the medical record, you can choose to hide the record. You are in total control which means that you can only share selected information with selected people or healthcare providers, or not at all, as you wish. You can also hide sub-records within a main record. The lock icon hides/unhides a particular record.

No. The doctor can only view the medical records that you chose not to ‘hide’ and will not be able to alter or add information. A notification email will be sent to you whenever someone accesses your LifeDoc™ personal health record.