Your Winter Family Meal Plan

Your Winter Family Meal Plan
27 July 2020
Supporting your family’s immune systems.

Your family’s journey towards good health doesn’t start in the gym: it starts in your kitchen. 



Nutrition And Your Immune System

Good nutrition is the foundation for your body’s functions, and immune system. Your immune system helps your body to fight off infections more effectively, and ensure your body can function optimally. 


Good Health Starts Here 

Supporting your body’s immune system means you’ll be better equipped to manage your daily workload and enjoy all that life has to offer. Vaccinations, getting enough sleep, ensuring you get good exercise, and avoiding unnecessary diet fads are an important part of supporting your immune system. But, when it comes to good nutrition, that’s where you can support your immune system the most. Your family’s journey towards good health, and strong immune systems, starts in the kitchen.


Immune System Support

Of course, taking the right kinds of vitamin and mineral supplements can help to support your immune system. Ask your doctor or clinic sister for advice on the types of supplements that they think would be beneficial for your and your family’s health. But, in many respects, your family’s winter meal plan forms the foundation for supporting your immune system. 


Our Favourite Winter Recipes

We’ve shared our top five favourite winter recipes before, but this round of recipes focuses on food that supports your family’s immune system. These are our top five recipes that should feature in your family’s winter meal plan:


  • Spring Vegetable Broth With Shredded Chicken: There’s nothing as wholesome and lovely as a warm bowl of wonderful soup on a cold winter’s evening. This recipe is one that’ll feature on my favourites list for a long time!

  • Broccoli Lemon Chicken: Even picky eaters who claim to loathe broccoli have loved this recipe! 

  • Spiced Roasted Apples: It’s a fruit serving, but it’s dessert too! A warm and wonderful addition to your family’s winter meal plan.

  • Chicken Pot Popovers: These are a delicious way to enjoy vegetables and good protein! 

  • Raspberry Spoonbread: Another essential for the dessert list! This one will lead to big smiles shared around the dinner table. 


LifeDoc Can Help

If you’re looking for further advice about maintaining your family’s health, visit the LifeDoc blog, or consult with your doctor and clinic sister. Take your notes with LifeDoc ™. LifeDoc ™ helps you take charge of your personal health information, remember medical appointments, and securely stores your personal medical history. Stay up to date with LifeDoc™ on Facebook and Twitter.