Your Medical Travel Guide

Your Medical Travel Guide
31 October 2016
Planning your family’s annual holiday is almost half the fun, but don’t forget to pack a little health-related planning into your to do list.

Travel Insurance
Before you head off overseas, or take off for that island holiday you’ve been saving up for, don’t forget to check on your travel insurance. If you purchased your tickets using your credit card, you may be somewhat covered through your bank. Alternatively, your medical aid scheme may provide for travel-related medical insurance through your medical aid plan. Check the terms and conditions of each, and make sure each member of your family is covered too. Don’t be shy to shop around for your travel insurance, and see if you can find cover for not only your health, but your possessions too.

Your Family First Aid Kit
You’re setting off on a road trip that you hope the kids will remember forever. While you’re plotting your route, booking your hotel stays along the way and sorting out which suitcase you’ll use, don’t forget to pack a first aid kit. You can choose to create your own or pick one up from your local pharmacy. Also remember that your family members may need medication every day, if your doctor has prescribed some. Don’t forget to pack that too, and ensure that you have more than enough for your entire holiday period.

A Medical Emergency
The best way to deal with a medical emergency is to be prepared for one. That means ensuring you have easy access to your first aid kit, knowing which emergency numbers to call when you need them and keeping your medical aid information safe, yet accessible. Make sure you’ve got updated contact information listed for your medical aid, doctor and any other important family contacts. Tip: LifeDoc™ is great for this, and we make sure your details are secured yet accessible, from wherever you may be.

Let’s Get Planning
If you’re travelling overseas, don’t forget to check weather reports and other news related to where you’re going. We all remember when European flights were grounded in 2010 due to volcanic ash! Check with your travel provider for updates in this regard and don’t forget to double check you’ve got your passports, applicable visas and, of course, your tickets.

LifeDoc Can Help
LifeDoc™ could be your very best friend when travelling. Storing your family’s medical history, important contact information and more is easy, using LifeDoc™. Best of all, it is free and easily accessible, from wherever you are. Register here or like the LifeDoc™ Facebook page for regular updates. You can also stay on track with LifeDoc™ developments on Twitter.