Your Environment is Important

Your Environment is Important
26 February 2018
Global environmental problems may seem overwhelming, but every bit of action helps. Here’s why:

February is also Environmental Health Awareness Month, but how exactly can we contribute towards creating a better environment for ourselves? So often, environmental issues don’t feel like they affect us personally, until they are right on our doorstep. As climate change, pollution, deforestation, toxic waste and more issues come to the fore, environmental issues are becoming more and more prevalent in our own communities.

Environmental Health
Our bodies respond and must adapt to the environment we find ourselves in. By ensuring that each of us do what we can to preserve and protect our environment, we’re better equipped to make a real change in the world around us. These simple ways to take better care of your environment can help:

Litter Patrol
We know – your family is one of the good ones. You don’t leave litter on the ground, and you never skip walking to the bin before disposing of your trash. Unfortunately, the sheer mountain of trash that never makes it to the bin seems infinite. But, let’s not despair. Next time you’re at the park, bring along some gloves and rubbish bags. Make litter patrol a game and get the kids to pick up as much rubbish as they can. Whoever collects the most rubbish, gets to pick the ice-cream flavour for dessert!

Save Water
South Africa is facing one of its worst droughts in history. With Cape Town now nearing #dayzero and other areas of the country also facing steep water restrictions, it’s vital that we all do what we can to save water, no matter where we live. For a little inspiration, check out 2minuteshowersongs from Sanlam, and this useful list of water-saving tips.

Ditch Plastic
Plastic bags and straws are the most useless trash we have and are so very damaging for our environment. Yet, we don’t really need them. When you’re off to the shops, remember your eco-friendly, washable shopping bags and you won’t need to pay a little extra to pack your groceries into plastic bags. And, while you’re out and about, ditch the plastic straw. Check out these reusable, environmentally friendly straws and keep them in your bag to use instead!

LifeDoc Can Help
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