Your Best Apps for the Holidays

Your Best Apps for the Holidays
24 December 2018
Turning off your technology devices can feel like a holiday all in itself, but we recommend using them a little differently during the holidays instead. Uninstall that email app, and have some fun instead.

Here are our top apps for the holidays (including the best ones for the kids):

Apps to help you stay on track


You might be making resolutions for the new year, or working hard to stay on top of your fitness goals. We’ve created two lists of helpful apps that can assist. Check out:


Apps to entertain and educate the kids

Keep the toddlers entertained, the teenagers appeased, and everyone else happy, gets a little easier with apps. We recommend combining entertainment and education, and these are our top three apps for the holidays:

  • Doodlemaths: Doodlemaths creates personalised maths educational programmes for your children, and it’s an app the whole family can enjoy.
  • Duck on the Run: Duck on the Run connects numerical learning and research through gameplay. It’s a fun way to improve mathematical skills while keeping the kids entertained.
  • Google Earth: We’ve all explored Google Earth, but have you handed it to your children yet? It’s a great way to learn more about significant world sites, look up their friends’ addresses, and explore the world from anywhere.

Apps for a happier holiday

If you’re travelling during the holidays, these apps make everything easy:

  • Google Trips: Plug in your flight details, destinations, hotel bookings, or any other travel-related information, and Google Trips will enhance your holiday. It’ll enhance your holiday itinerary by suggesting thing to do and places to visit, while keeping your all-important travel information securely close at hand.
  • Waze: Ward off that traffic-induced stress by using Waze to map a safe, congestion-free route to your next destination.
  • Packpoint - Bikini or bolero - how do you know what you’ll need? Packpoint takes the pain out of packing, as it helps you organise what you need to pack for your holiday. Packpoint caters for the length of your holiday, your travels, weather at your destinations, and your planned activities.

LifeDoc Can Help

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