Your 2020 Health Choices

Your 2020 Health Choices
06 January 2020
A new way for a new decade: What are your 2020 health choices?

Not just another resolution

Did you know? 88% of all those hopeful New Year’s Eve resolutions end up as failures. That’s not necessarily a hopeful statistic to start this new decade with, but it does provide the motivation for doing something else entirely: to adopt a long-term view for your health.

A decade is a long time

The arrival of 2020 and the ticking over of the clock doesn’t just herald a whole new year; it ushers in an entirely new decade. That’s a good time to start thinking of your health as a long-term objective, and not just a sprint to lose the weight, get fit, or join a gym. Instead, by taking a long-term view on your journey of health, you’re equipping yourself to make better choices. Here’s why:

  • The bandwagon doesn’t matter: If you’ve ever adopted a new dietary plan, you’ll know that the ‘temptation’ of cheat day looms large in your mind. All too often, one bad day at the buffet has you falling off the bandwagon and giving up entirely. Instead, by taking on a long-term view of your health, one bad day won’t matter, and the bandwagon is non-existent. It’s far easier to simply try again the next day, when you don’t beat yourself up about yesterday. That’s why we love the 80/20 approach to eating and exercise.
  • Incremental progress wins: You might’ve started an 8-week weight loss challenge, and have seen great results. But, six months down the line, you’ve put the weight back on and have forgotten half your gym routine. That’s why incremental progress matters more, and small wins become big ones in the long term.
  • Small changes have the greatest impact: Making small changes to your diet, routine, exercise programme, or even your daily meditative practices, can have the greatest impact on your life and health overall. Many small changes accumulate to make big ones. Instead of worrying about how you look and feel today, you know that, in the long term, you are building towards maintaining your health, and not simply trying to focus on one unattainable goal.

LifeDoc Can Help

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