World Population Day

World Population Day
09 July 2018
If you started from one today, and kept counting out loud, you wouldn’t reach 7 and a half billion by the time you died. That seems an incredible number, but it’s just close to the current tally of the world’s population.

Take a peek here, and you’ll see an up to date figure on just how many people live on planet Earth.

World Population Day
On World Population Day, we’d like to examine some of the key population-related issues, and how every single one of us can help to alleviate the problems we all face, as our world becomes more crowded.

Overcrowded urban spaces
It’s part and parcel of modern-day living, that finding work and pursuing a career is vitally important. Unfortunately, the majority of work opportunities across the globe, are more easily accessible through location. Urban regions of the world are battling to keep up with the demand for living space, with property developers keenly hunting for eco-friendly, sustainable living solutions that can accommodate many people within a small space. According to this report from the United Nations, 68 percent of the world’s population will live within cities by 2050. Rapid urban population development poses significant challenges, with natural resources taking the biggest hit, as more and more people migrate closer towards work opportunities. Finding sustainable, effective solutions for urban overcrowding must be an imperative for every city, as the world population grows.

Overburdened natural resources
Of course, our world has finite resources and, as we add more people to it, Mother Nature’s ability to keep up with human demands falters. Depleting natural resources, coupled with an increase in waste and carbon emissions, has devastating effects on the planet. Play your part in helping our planet cope with a burgeoning population by:

  • Minimising your waste – reuse, reduce, recycle.
  • Picking up litter
  • Eliminating plastic bags from your life – make and take your own to the shops.
  • Finding new ways to get where you need to go – you don’t need a car if you live five minutes away from work. Take up cycling!

Family Planning
Choosing not to extend your family has a significantly positive effect on the environment. Carefully consider your options, your family’s circumstances, and your ability to care for another child. Chat to your family, and your doctor, about your options.

LifeDoc Can Help
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