World Environment Day

World Environment Day
04 June 2018
5 Ways You Can Make A Difference (and they’re good for you too)

Our health is intrinsically linked to our environment. For World Environment Day, we share five ways you and your family can protect and conserve the environment, and they’re good for you too:

Cut your carbon emissions
Your daily commute doesn’t have to include a car trip. Where possible, ride your bicycle to run errands, walk to your next meeting, or set up an office lift club. Make a roster for the neighbourhood kids who need to be ferried to and from school and, suddenly, your whole neighbourhood will be cutting down their carbon emissions, with ease.

Ditch the plastic bag
This year’s World Environment Day theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution” and it’s easy to join in. Simply ditch the plastic bag and buy your own fabric or brown paper bag. Alternatively, you can turn this into a family craft project, and sew your own. Get the kids to decorate your shopping bags in sweet ways, and you’ll have a unique, eco-friendly keepsake that everyone sees!

Clean up the park
Your local park, beach, or any open space will absolutely benefit from a litter clean up. Turn this litter pickup exercise into a family challenge! The person who picks up the most litter, gets to choose dinner.

Do a little gardening
Without trees, and their magical ways of providing oxygen for us to breathe, life as we know it would grind to a halt. Pick a spot in the garden, plant a seedling, or find a small tree to plant. It may be a small tree for now, but it’ll grow into a shade-giving, oxygen-creating wonder in the future.

Redo your shopping list
How you shop, where you shop, and what you shop for, has a huge impact on your health and surrounding environment. Re-engineer your family shopping list to include more organic fresh fruit and vegetables, less meat, and more sustainable products. Bonus points are awarded for supporting your local small businesses, and you’ll be cutting down on the impact your family has on the environment too.   

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