Where to Go When You, Or Someone You Love, Needs Help.

Where to Go When You, Or Someone You Love, Needs Help.
26 June 2017
Drug and substance abuse remains a critical health concern for families, employers and citizens. But where can you go when you, or someone you care about, needs help?

Drug abuse: global and South African statistics
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Drug Report 2016 revealed some alarming statistics, that reflected global growth in drug dependency, with the number of drug dependent adults increasing during 2014, for the first time in six years. Similarly, according to an end-2016 report from the Medical Research Council’s South African Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use (SACENDU), South Africa is experiencing an upswing in drug use and patient admission into addiction treatment centres.

Beyond the statistics
While the statistics may be scary, watching a loved one battle addiction can be even more frightening. That’s why we’ve put together a list of helpful resources that can assist.

  1. Medpages: This innovative search platform lists all branches of the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA), including its treatment and assistance centres. Similarly, this online database lists addiction treatment centres, service providers and medical practitioners, including psychologists. You can use Medpages to find a facility nearby, or close to where your loved one lives.
  2. Private Rehabilitation Centres: There are several privately funded rehabilitation and addiction treatment centres situated across South Africa. The use of many of these facilities can be covered by medical aid, who generally provide a level of cover related to the medical aid plan subscribed to, through prescribed minimum benefits (PMB).
  3. Counselling Centres: A range of counselling centres and service providers can be found located across South Africa. For example, in Cape Town, The Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre offers training, counselling and family support services. Your family doctor, nearby hospital or clinic should be equipped to provide you with a list of local counselling providers.
  4. Narcotics Anonymous: Also known as NA, this organisation has a national footprint, and functions as a support network for addicts in recovery. Use the NA website to find a meeting nearby.
  5. Alcoholics Anonymous: Also known as AA, this organization also has a national network, and functions as a support network for alcoholics in recovery. Use the AA website to find a meeting nearby.
  6. Al-Anon: This support network helps and guides families affected by alcohol abuse.

Important note:
When looking for an addiction treatment centre or drug rehabilitation service provider, ensure that they are correctly registered with the Department of Health; Department of Social Development, and other applicable organisations.

LifeDoc™ Can Help
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