What does good nutrition look like?

What does good nutrition look like?
09 October 2017
We hear the term ‘good nutrition’ all the time, but what does it really mean, and how can you be sure you’re giving your family the very best fuel for their lives, every day? Let’s find out.

Health is individual
Society, and our education system is constantly trying to showcase how uniquely individual we all are. Yet, when it comes to health, we’re most often measured in the same way, despite having entirely different body shapes, lifestyles, and more. When it comes to improving your family’s nutrition, take that into consideration, as you’ll need to cater for allergies, age groups, and specific needs. For example, your teenage hockey player will need a lot more energy to perform high-intensity exercise, while your elderly mum may not need as much. Bear that in mind as you plan your family’s meals.

The 80/20 rule
Food isn’t just fuel for our lives – it should be fun too. Creating wholesome, nutritious and fun meals for your family to enjoy, forms the basis of your family’s routine. Over dinner, you’ll catch up on each other’s days, learn more about your child’s school project, and plan for the next day. Of course, choosing healthy family favourites for dinner time is relatively easy, but what goes into the other meals of the day counts too. That’s why the 80/20 rule is so useful. Simply put, commit to eating clean, unprocessed and healthy foods 80% of the time, reserving 20% of your family’s meals and snacks for treats. That makes life a little easier when you’re trying to negotiate vegetables onto your children’s plates too!

Play with colour
A well-balanced diet is - no matter which eating plan you choose to follow -  colourful. To make it fun, see how many colourful fruits and vegetables you can cram into a meal, or collect on a plate. Varying the food your family eats, and focusing on including as many colours you can, will help to keep bored faces at bay, when you’re seated around the dinner table. This rather useful resource could help as a general guideline for figuring out ways to make your family’s meals colourful, varied, and healthy – all in one!

Get the right advice
Your doctor, a dietitian, and a nutritionist, can assist by helping you put together a family eating plan that works for every member of your troop. Ask your doctor for advice, and a referral if you feel the need to work closely with specialists to create a healthy eating plan that everyone will enjoy.

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