What To Do In An Emergency: Animal Bite

What To Do In An Emergency: Animal Bite
30 September 2019
Accidents happen, and life in suburbia isn’t always a daydream. Here’s what to in case of an emergency involving an animal bite:

Prevention is best

Preventing a child from being bitten by an animal is usually easier than trying to manage the fallout and medical emergency attached to getting one. While you may spend a lot of time and money on ensuring your pet is well-trained, it’s just as important to ensure your child knows how to behave your animals too. Don’t let your children antagonise, or annoy your pets - just as you’ve trained your pet to sit and be good, train your children to treat your pets with respect too. 

What to do a pet bites you or your child

As a responsible pet owner, you ensure that your dog or cat is up to date with their vaccinations and that they regularly visit the vet for a checkup. These vaccinations are not only important for your pets’ health; they’re important for your family’s too. But, if your pet does bite your child, or you, a visit to the emergency room is an immediate must. Of course, a minor cat scratch can often be treated at home using your family first aid kit, but it’s best to err on the side of caution, especially when an animal bite is concerned. If it’s bleeding, you need to visit the emergency room. In the emergency room, a doctor or nurse will:

  • Assess the injury
  • Clean and dress the wound
  • Determine whether or not stitches or other procedures may be required
  • Administer necessary vaccinations and prescribe any medication or antibiotics. A Tetanus injection will, most often, be recommended. 

What to do when a wild animal bites you 

We may live in suburban areas, but that doesn’t mean we’re living an animal-free lifestyle. Vervet monkeys, mongooses, ducks, geese, mice, rats, snakes, and more, have mostly adapted to living in suburban areas. Again, prevention is better than cure when it comes to dealing with suburban animals, so rather deter your children from interacting with these animals when they’re visiting your yard. If you or your child are bitten by an animal, head straight to the emergency room. And no, you don’t need to worry about ‘eliminating’ or ‘dealing with’ the animal before you do. Focus on your health and head to the nearest hospital.

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