Vitamin-Infused Sunshine: Apricots

Vitamin-Infused Sunshine: Apricots
14 January 2019
Almost everyone loves a spread of apricot jam on crispy toast, but this sweet fruit has far more potential than just jam!
Vitamin-Infused Sunshine

Apricots may be small, but they pack a punch in terms of your vitamin intake. High in Vitamins A and C, apricots also contain Calcium and are rich in fibre. Consuming fresh apricots is always best, as this gives you the best nutritional value. If you prefer dried apricots, however, just remember to check the packaging on your favourite dried fruit snacks, to ensure the sugar content is not too high.

Small and Sweet

Their fibre and vitamin content makes them an essential addition to your family’s diet, but apricots are also good for your whole body. Foods containing high levels of Vitamin A and antioxidants help your skin stay protected and stave off the signs of ageing. Moreover, apricots contain carotenoids and xanthophylls, and these nutrients have been shown to support and protect your eyesight.

How to Store Apricots

Getting the most out of your favourite fruit depends largely on how you store them, when you’ve brought them home from the shop or market. Apricots should be stored at room temperature, but once they’ve ripened, you can store them in the fridge for a short time. Fruit storage tip: refrigeration may change their texture and taste.

Our Favourite Apricot Recipes

We love apricots the most in these three recipes:

LifeDoc Can Help

Although an apricot allergy is extremely rare, chat to your doctor before introducing anything new to your family’s diet or meal plan. Get the right nutritional advice from your doctor or dietitian, before embarking on a new eating plan. LifeDoc™ can help. LifeDoc™ helps you take charge of your personal health information and securely stores your personal medical history. Stay up to date with LifeDoc™ on Facebook and Twitter.