The Stickiest Smile: Why We Love Peanut Butter

The Stickiest Smile: Why We Love Peanut Butter
31 January 2020
We’re nuts for peanut butter!

The peanut butter appreciation club

Stick a spoon into the jar, spread it on fresh bread, or roast a chicken in it: there are so many ways to love peanut butter, and here’s why we do:

A multi-faceted meal

Peanut butter probably played a big role in your childhood, and now it does in your child’s life too. As a lunchbox staple, peanut butter has been the star of the show for almost everyone’s sandwiches. Nut allergies aside, peanut butter is one of those staple items in your grocery cupboard, that’s easy to eat.

On a spoon

Sticking a spoon into a jar or tub of peanut butter makes for a great snack. Did you know? Two tablespoons of peanut butter gives you a solid helping of potassium, protein, fibre, and so much more. This also gives you 10% of your daily recommended fibre intake. There is no yummier way to make sure you get enough fibre every day!

Choosing the right peanut butter

Of course, there are always the right and wrong types of peanut butter you can buy. This is where reading food labels plays a big role in helping you to make the right choice for your family’s health. Our big tip: check the label for added ingredients. A peanut butter jar that contains added fats, salts, or sugars, should be put back on the shelf. Instead, opt for the jar of peanut butter that’s free of additives and additional ingredients.

Make peanut butter at home

There’s always an easier way out when it comes to choosing the right kind of peanut butter: make it yourself. Peanut butter is not difficult to make at home, but you will need a strong blender, or food processor. Here are our top 3 recipes for homemade peanut butter:

Our favourite peanut butter recipes

A love letter to peanut butter wouldn’t be complete without a roundup of our favourite healthy recipes that include this wonder spread. Here are our top four recipes with peanut butter, as tried and tested in our very own kitchen:

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