Skip the steak and go for great

Skip the steak and go for great
16 July 2018
Going meat-free – even just once a week – can have an exceptional positive impact on your budget, and the environment. But what about your health? Here’s five reasons why you should skip the steak, even if it’s just once a week:

It’s good for your mind
The technical term for cutting back on your meat consumption, rather than committing to a fully vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is: flexitarianism. While that sounds like a longer-than-necessary word for simply making a few different choices from the usual, flexitarianism also makes you think differently about what’s on your dinner plate. By opting to get a little creative in the kitchen, you’ll start thinking about new ways to incorporate different types of food into your regular meals. Now is as good a time as any to get experimenting!

It’s good for the world
Reducing your consumption of meat can have a big impact on the environment. This study revealed just how much what we eat every day, affects the planet, and how cutting back on meat will help to reduce carbon emissions, scale back current pressure on agricultural land, and help to reverse some of the devastating effects of climate change. If you’re keen to create a better world, skip the steak, at least once a week.

It’s good for your health
Reducing your consumption of meat is incredibly beneficial for your heart and will help you to prevent the onset of diabetes and obesity. If you’re looking to lose a little weight, skipping the steak may help you lose weight, lower your blood sugar levels, and reduce inflammation.

It’s good for your heart
A well-balanced diet that includes varied fruits, vegetables and legumes is very good for your heart. Minimising your intake of red meat can help to stave off the onset of heart disease and prevent a stroke.

It’s good for your budget
Tough economic times have everyone rethinking their budget, and trying to find ways to eat well, without busting their budget. By getting a little creative, and skipping the steak, at least once a week, you’ll find that you’re spending less at the grocery store and packing more fresh fruit and vegetables than before. Start planning a new family meal plan for the month! Check out this super selection of vegetarian meals from Food24 for a little inspiration. And, if you’re feeling very adventurous, try out this one-day vegan meal plan!

LifeDoc Can Help
Ask your family doctor or dietitian for advice on switching your family’s meal plans up and swapping the steak for something great. LifeDoc™ helps you take charge of your personal health information, making it easier to keep track of appointments, and securely stores your personal medical history. Register here or like the LifeDoc™ Facebook page for regular updates. You can also stay on track with LifeDoc™ developments on Twitter.