Six Ways Stopping Smoking Helps You

Six Ways Stopping Smoking Helps You
20 May 2019
Those sneaky cigarettes aren’t doing you any good. If you’re looking for motivation to give up smoking, we can help, with our top six ways that stopping smoking helps you.

Your Heart

Stubbing out that last cigarette serves your heart in countless ways. Smoking is one of the leading contributing factors for heart disease, and simply stubbing smoking out can help to prevent heart disease. Incidentally, if you’re battling high blood pressure, or are worried about developing hypertension, not lighting up can help keep it at bay.

Your Bones

Degenerative bone conditions, including Osteoporosis, are all too common. Keeping your bones healthy and strong is a fundamental element of your body’s health. And, by quitting smoking, you can help to prevent the onset of degenerative bone conditions. Of course, smoking isn’t the only contributing factor that affects your bones, but by simply quitting, you can rest a little more assured that you’ll enjoy a long and healthy life.

Your Lungs

Everyone knows that smoking takes a terrible toll on your lungs, but did you know? Your lungs can begin to heal from the damage inflicted by smoking, almost immediately. Within one month of stubbing out your last cigarette, your lung function and capacity will have dramatically improved.

Your Nutrition

While you’ve been enjoying those sneaky cigarettes after dinner, you’ve been doing your dinner a disservice. Although much of it is anecdotal, reports suggest that your smoking has hampered your tastebuds’ ability to discern flavours. Once you’ve ditched the smokes, you should find that food tastes more flavourful, and far more exciting. Say goodbye to boring meals!

Your Wallet

Of course, smoking doesn’t just take a toll on your body; it takes one on your wallet too. We used this nifty calculator to analyse just how much money you’d save in one year, if you give up smoking today. We calculated the average price of a box of cigarettes, and estimated that, if someone smokes twenty a day...they’ll save just over R14000 within a year.

Your Family

Second-hand smoke is unpleasant, and not just from an aromatic perspective. It can be harmful to children’s developing lungs, making them more susceptible to respiratory infections and other illnesses.

Your planet

Think about all those cigarette stubs you see when on your walks around the neighbourhood. They’re not biodegradable, so cigarette stubs are an environmental hazard too. By quitting smoking, you’re lessening a future burden on health care services. That enables health care services to have more space to care for emergency illnesses, and patients in need of critical care.

LifeDoc Can Help

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