Set your Scene for 2018!

Set your Scene for 2018!
07 January 2018
5 ways to turn this into your healthiest year yet

The calendar flips over, the clock strikes twelve, and a whole new year has begun to evolve. We can choose to live a healthier, happier life any day of the year, but starting something new for 2018 can help to galvanize and focus you, as the year unfolds. Here are 5 things we’re planning to do – join us!

  1. Ditch the Resolutions

Yes, we said it – ditch the New Year’s resolutions. Research has shown that less than 10% of all resolutions are truly achieved, and you’re setting yourself up for feeling like a failure before your year even begins. Rather, decide to…

  1. Ditch a Bad Habit

That bad habit you keep meaning to eliminate, isn’t going to magically disappear on New Year’s Day. If you’re looking to get rid of a bad habit – whether it be the midnight chip snack, the sneaky cigarettes, or cutting out alcohol – start by planning for it. Going ‘cold turkey’ on cigarettes isn’t easy, nor is ditching the beers while you’ve still got some in the fridge. Plan to cut down, and then eliminate your bad habit and…

  1. Replace it with a Good Habit

You read right! You’ve just won some space in your life for a whole new habit. Now that you’re eliminating an unhealthy habit, replace it with a healthy one. You’re ditching cigarettes? Great. Go for that thirty-minute walk you’ve been promising yourself you’d make part of your daily routine. Give yourself time to get into the rhythm of a good habit, and keep a journal of your progress. You have a lot to be proud of so…

  1. Set your Schedule

Excuses like “I just don’t have the time” are classic habit-wobblers, but you’re better than that! You’ve kicked out the bad from 2017, and welcomed 2018 in with excitement – You Can Do Anything! Start by opening your diary and scheduling set times for you to enjoy your new, good habit. Yes, setting aside time – every day, week, or similar – for you to exercise or relax is important. Now it’s not just something you’d like to do: it’s something you must do, because it’s in your diary!

  1. Drop the Guilt

Every best-laid plan goes astray sometimes, so before you spiral into a self-created guilt trip: stop. Guilt is not going to get you anywhere. If you had a bad day, a bad run, or a horrible week: give yourself a break. You had a weekend full of junk food? That’s okay. You’ll eat more consciously during the following week. You opted to sleep in, instead of heading out to gym? That’s okay. Plan to walk a little further next time you take the dogs for a stroll. Give yourself a break, and know that even Olympians eat chocolate now and then!

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