Ready, Set, Lunchbox!

Ready, Set, Lunchbox!
22 January 2018
Ban the boring, and pack in the goodness.

The summer holidays have come to an end, and it’s time to start packing those lunchboxes, all over again!

Get the Pack on Track
After the holidays’ indulgences, getting your pack back on the healthy track can be a little difficult. Your secret weapon in this battle for good eating begins in your children’s lunchboxes. While you may find it a bit of a chore to plan and pack the lunchboxes, remember that a life of good nutrition begins in childhood, and you set their path to greatness when they’re still small.

Ban the Boring
You and your friend, the green apple, know each other well. You diligently pack them into your child’s lunchbox every day, only to see them all over again, that evening. Sometimes, it feels like we pack fruit into our children’s lunchboxes, just so the fruit can have a happy excursion outside of the house! Let’s ban the boring this year, and get our kids eating fruit in exciting ways.

  • Stick to stickers: If Superman is your child’s hero, a Superman sticker on that apple may entice him towards chomping it during breaktime.
  • Mix it up: Your kids don’t like apples? That’s okay. Try a peach. Or a plum. A banana, perhaps?
  • Chop and slice: Sometimes, biting into a whole fruit can seem like far too much work. Use your cookie cutters to cut fruit slices into fun shapes.
  • Pick for your stick: Fruit kebabs are a fun way to present those ‘boring’ fruit, so ask your child to pick fruit for their stick!

What goes into a good lunchbox?
Every good lunchbox has the following items:

  • Starch – a high-fibre starch, such as whole-wheat pasta, or wholemeal bread.
  • Protein – meat, fish, or eggs. If you’re packing a hardboiled egg for your child, draw a pretty picture on the shell for extra fun!
  • Dairy – here’s where your yoghurt or cheese fits in.
  • Vegetables/Salad – a small serving of raw vegetables, or a healthy salad fits in here.
  • Fruit – a single serving of fruit is all-important (see above for tips on how to make this part ‘not boring’).
  • Water – ditch the carbonated drinks from your family’s meal plan, and pack in a reusable, refillable water bottle.
  • A little note from mom and dad – especially important on big days.
  • A treat – yes, we mean it! A cookie or a little treat could make your kid’s day!

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