The Pharmacy – Your First Line of Defence

The Pharmacy – Your First Line of Defence
03 September 2018
It’s a bright Sunday morning, and out of nowhere, your child seems to have picked up a bug from pre-school. You’re left wondering just what constitutes enough of an emergency to head to the hospital.

But, before you start frantically googling for doctors’ rooms that are open on Sundays, or zooming off to the nearest hospital, you may want to consider a trip to the pharmacy first. Here’s why:

Easy access to health care services
Popping in to the pharmacy is, nowadays, a shopping expedition all on its own. As retail pharmacy chains have expanded in South Africa, the consumer benefits have grown too. Nowadays, your local pharmacy is most often situated within a busy shopping mall, and thanks to keeping retail hours, is open far later than your traditional pharmacy or small chemist. Moreover, thanks to determined expansion plans and a commitment towards trying to alleviate the burden on public health care resources, your local pharmacy usually has a clinic and on-site nursing staff who provide easily accessible primary health care services.

On-Site Help
But it’s not just the added services that make visiting your pharmacy first an attractive option. As medical legislation transforms in South Africa, so too have the treatment options available for you and your family. A well-stocked and efficient pharmacy that’s located near to home is every parent’s best friend, but one with a good team working within it becomes an essential part of the family, especially when you’re caring for a baby.

Helps You Save
Of course, being able to pop down to the pharmacy is much more efficient, than having to wait to book an appointment with your doctor, but it can also help you save money and help you manage your medical expenses a little more wisely. Thanks to well-established loyalty card and points programmes too, you may also find it financially rewarding to refer to your pharmacy first, when you have a question about your child’s health. Notably too, many retail pharmacies now also offer online shopping and delivery services, so there’s no need to panic when you discover you’re running low on nappies at 2am.

In Case of Emergency
Of course, if your child is running a fever, or exhibiting medical symptoms that do require immediate medical intervention, don’t hesitate to head to the hospital.

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