Our favourite fungi: the marvellous mushroom

Our favourite fungi: the marvellous mushroom
04 February 2019
Serve them as a side, or make them into the main attraction! Mushrooms are packed with the right kind of nutrition for your whole family.

The nutritional content of mushrooms

Low in calories, carbohydrates, and fats, and packed with antioxidants, mushrooms make a tasty addition to just about any meal. Moreover, they’re a great source of protein, fibre, essential vitamins and minerals. Interestingly, they’re the only fruit or vegetable that contain Vitamin D, so you can step back into the shade, and out of the sun, knowing that your body is receiving some of this important vitamin through your meals.

Fast facts about mushrooms

Mushrooms are often ignored by the picky eaters amongst us. If you’re battling a picky eater at home, dazzle them with a little mushroom-related trivia, including:

  • Mushrooms are a fungus, and grow like plants, but are actually considered a vegetable.
  • There are more than 10,000 different species of mushrooms across the planet, with many of them as yet undiscovered. And, and although most of them are not edible, we’ve only studied approximately 10% of them for our own purposes. They’re the fungi that keep on thriving!
  • Mushrooms are an important part of the Amazon rainforest’s delicate ecosystem, supporting the water and rain cycle in this special part of the world.
  • Mushrooms are mostly made up of water, so they’re actually quite similar to cucumbers in terms of their water content.
  • A single portobello mushroom contains more potassium than the humble and healthy banana.
  • Some species of mushroom glow in the dark!

Types of mushrooms
With such a wide variety of mushrooms available, it’s really quite easy to integrate them into your meals and family-favourite dishes. But, if you’re exploring the outdoors and come across mushrooms growing in the wild, don’t pick and eat them. Some species of mushrooms can be life-threatening to humans, but the ones you pick up from the supermarket or farmer’s market are safe to consume.

Marvellous mushroom meals
Mushrooms can be enjoyed in many ways: fried, grilled, crumbed, raw, sliced, and even in a pie! Here are our top three mushroom menu options:

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