Our Best Health Tip: Take the day off

Our Best Health Tip: Take the day off
12 August 2018
Our fast-paced lives and highly demanding work pressures leave little time for relaxation. We’re not talking about those fancy vacations and spa days.

We’re talking about those days where you collapse into the couch and don’t get out of your pyjamas for ages. Here’s the good news: being lazy, once in a while, is good for you!

Take a nap!
Naps are not a guilt-inducing indulgence. Instead, they’re good for you! Whether it’s a power nap or a long Sunday snooze, taking a nap can help to sharpen your focus, improve your concentration, and heighten your mood. Experts suggest adding a 20-minute power nap, so grab your pillow and go for a snooze!

Turn on the tunes
You don’t need to leave the house to have a party. Turn on your favourite tunes and have a pyjama dance party in the lounge. You’ll be getting some exercise and decreasing your anxiety. Bonus points for you, if you turn it into something the whole family participates in – the best dancer gets to choose what’s for dinner!

Hit the couch
Find a family favourite movie, cuddle up on the couch, and get watching. This makes for great quality time, and you’ll be creating shared memories for the whole family. Laughing at a 90-minute funny movie is good for your cardiovascular health.

Let’s get bored
“I’m bored!” is a common complaint in every household but, parents, take heart: being bored is good for stimulating children’s creativity. Experts agree, as Dr Teresa Bolton outlined – boredom is not a state of inactivity or lack of stimulation. Rather, boredom is a creative state, that enables and empowers children towards solving problems and finding unique ways to reflect upon their lives and discover or re-enforce internal stimuli that enable them to think creatively.

Schedule your day off
Eliminating the guilt we might feel over taking a family lazy day, can be easily erased by applying the same tools you would to your professional life: schedule it. We’d recommend one day a month, where you and your family clear the schedule, stay in your pyjamas and enjoy a quiet day in. Open your diary and plan it, just as you would an important meeting, outing, or appointment!

LifeDoc Can Help
At LifeDoc™, we believe in supporting all elements of your health and wellness, and that includes taking a lazy day for your whole family. You can use LifeDoc™ to schedule reminders for all your important medical appointments, so make your family lazy day an important one to remember too – it’s good for you! Register here or like the LifeDoc™ Facebook page for regular updates. You can also stay on track with LifeDoc™ developments on Twitter.