Nutrition you don’t have to think about.

Nutrition you don’t have to think about.
02 July 2018
Are you having difficulty with finding great meals your whole family loves? Ensuring that each plate is packed with as much nutrition as possible, while catering for everyone’s individual tastes, is never easy.

We’re here to help and make life a little easier while you’re planning your next grocery shop or charting out your monthly meal plan.

I like big beans and I cannot lie
Your kids may know a few funny rhymes about them, but the oh-so-simple bean is powerful and nutritious in multiple ways. If you’re looking to skip the steak, and are searching for an alternative source of protein, then beans are your big win for this week. They’re not only good for you; they’re relatively inexpensive too, and here comes the big bean bonus: they’re easy to assimilate into your family’s favourite meals. Bulk up that Bolognaise with beans, and you’ll be adding a flavourful, wonderful addition to your family’s Tuesday night dinner staple.

These are a few of my favourite beans
Sure, a solid round of baked beans on crispy toast sounds good, but have you tried Red Kidney Beans? Perhaps you should wander over to the vegetable aisle and find some Pinto Beans too? You’ll find your family favourite, and rest assured that your bean-filled meal will offer the ones you love the right kind of nutrition, including fibre, folate, potassium, and magnesium

Don’t just pop it, shuck it
Ditch the microwave popcorn and go for freshly air-popped popcorn instead. Rather than showering your snack with salt, try tasty alternatives like nutritional yeast, or your favourite herbs and spices (I love a little basil in my bowl!) Adding corn as a side dish to your dinner can help too. Rich in the right kind of vitamins and minerals, a side of lightly grilled corn on the cob adds a delightfully sunny side to your dinner.

Plant-based recipes
Making a big bean or cracking corn meal doesn’t need to be hard. We recommend you try these out on your family this week:

LifeDoc Can Help
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