Noodle Up

Noodle Up
07 October 2019
It’s a firm favourite for after-school lunchtime, but just how good are noodles for you?

Noodles and nutrition

The arrival of 2-minute noodles to our grocery store shelves had parents and children rejoicing. An easy, tasty meal that’s ready in record time is sure to be a win...or is it? Well, the good news is that they’re not absolutely terrible (although they do contain high levels of sodium), but you should leave the preservative-filled flavour sachet to the side. Moreover, making your own noodles is a little more fun, and results in a far healthier meal too. Parents, let’s not eliminate the fun of noodles entirely, but with a little effort and a lot of fun, noodles can be part of your children’s weekly meal plan.

Fresh is best

The process of making fresh pasta may seem a little arduous to the onlooker, but the expert culinary critics at your dinner table (that’s your family!) will tell you the effort is worth it. Making your own noodles is a kitchen activity everyone can get involved in. Getting your children invested in their own nutritional journey pays off as they grow up, leading them towards making better, healthier choices when they are adults.

Make your own

Sure, buying fresh pasta is possible, but making your own noodles at home is a whole bunch of fun. We’ve found our favourite homemade noodle recipes:

Note: We tried all three of these recipes in our kitchen, and our in-house culinary experts confirmed that they taste better, and hold more flavour, than your typical instant noodle concoction!

Vegetable noodles

Of course, it’s not just egg, flour, water, and milk you can use to make noodles - certain vegetables make for a great spaghetti and noodle mix too! Grab your spiralizer and you can create incredible noodles, and pack in the extra nutritional value of amazing vegetables. We love these recipes:

Nutritional guidelines
Of course, everyone deserves a little treat sometimes, so don’t get down on yourself if you find it easier to throw a sachet of instant noodles into a pot on occasion. Just make sure you stick by the 80/20 rule for good nutrition. That way, everyone wins. If 80% of your family’s meals are healthy, and provide a solid nutritional base for life, then 20% of the time, you can enjoy eating every treat you can think of. Life is too short to not have fun, and by adopting this view, you won’t be depriving yourself of it.

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