Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart
12 February 2018
February may be the month of love, but what about your heart?

Every relationship – whether it be romantic, familial, or friendly – has within it a cornerstone of caring for someone other than yourself. And, while advertising may make you think otherwise, the month of love is a celebration of that cornerstone, where caring for someone else means so much. Our bodies are built the same way, with many different types of systems, functions, and organs all busy doing different things to make our body work but, within our bodies sits an all-important cornerstone: our hearts. For this month of love, we’ve listed three ways you can show you care for your loved one’s heart:

Know How Their Heart Beats
An irregular heartbeat can be a symptom of underlying health concerns, and should not be ignored. If your loved one expresses concern over their heartbeat, or experiences dizziness, shortness of breath, or other worrying symptoms, book them an appointment for a check-up at the doctor. Take them for lunch afterwards and turn it into a day date!

Cook Up a Little Romance
A quiet evening in, to enjoy a delicious dinner and savour each other’s company sounds like bliss. Add an extra layer of romance and care by cooking up a heart-healthy meal that’ll make them smile. Check out these recipes for some hearty ideas:

Move More, together
Exercise does not need to be a chore. Schedule a little session of sweet talking your loved one, while you enjoy a half-hour walk after work. Use the time to catch up on your day, talk about your future, or plan your next romantic weekend away. Or, take up an exercise class together! Find out if there’s a yoga studio nearby, or if a local personal trainer is keen to train you as a couple. Exercising together isn’t just good for your heart – it’s good for your relationship as a whole!

LifeDoc Can Help
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