Making a Plan For Your Family

Making a Plan For Your Family
15 August 2016
You’ve got big dreams and great ideas for your family. LifeDoc™ can help you plan them.

The Time Is Right

You’ve planned and schemed, dreamed and desired, and now’s the right time for you to think about adding another person to your family. You’re excited and feel ready to take that big leap into the crazy world of parenthood. Let’s get started!

Go For A Checkup

While you’ve got your heart set on bringing home a baby during spring, nature doesn’t always work like that. Before you set about planning your nursery or debating birth plans, pop in to your doctor for a general check up to ensure that you’re physically ready for pregnancy.

Fertility Tracking

If your doctor has no concerns about your fertility, then it’s all systems go! But, if you’re experiencing trouble falling pregnant or experiencing any strange deviations from your menstrual cycle, it’s best to check in with your doctor and perhaps even visit a fertility specialist. One of the most important things you need to do though is track your menstrual cycle. LifeDoc™’s Lady’s Diary helps you do exactly that, by keeping a record of your hormonal cycle and helping you discover any inconsistencies.

Useful Information, On Hand

Keeping a good record of your general health and especially your menstrual cycle is a key tool in your journey towards falling pregnant, however it all turns out. It’s also important to keep a solid record of any other health concerns, events or even medication you take, as this can have an effect on your fertility.

Planning For Your Future Family

Armed with all the important information you need, it gets a little easier to plan your future family, but don’t forget – you’ll need to go for a regular checkup with your doctor, fertility specialist or gynaecologist.

Don’t Forget

While you’re furiously scouring Pinterest for interesting décor ideas for your baby’s nursery, you can also easily record and track your pregnancy on LifeDoc™. It’s as easy as opening another tab and logging in, to record anecdotal information, like your cravings, or even jot down important questions to ask your doctor next time you pop in for a checkup. Diarising your regular appointments with your doctor and, of course, remembering when you’re due for an ultrasound scan (the most exciting day!) is simple, but we’re sure you won’t forget that date!

LifeDoc Can Help

Whether or not you’re planning a family, keeping a good record of your menstrual cycle and other health related information is important. LifeDoc™ can help. LifeDoc™ makes it easy to plan your appointments via their Lady’s Diary, log important health-related events and it’s easily accessible, from wherever you are. Register here or like the LifeDoc™ Facebook page for regular updates. You can also stay on track with LifeDoc™ developments on Twitter.