The LifeDoc App Is Here!

The LifeDoc App Is Here!
05 December 2016
It’s been an exciting time at LifeDoc, with our development and technical teams hard at work, creating the very best mobile application for you to use.

We’re moving beyond just enabling you to view your records, and the full power of LifeDoc™ is now available for your mobile phone.

Your health record for life
While we are expanding our services and making LifeDoc easier for you, our mission remains the same:
providing you with one electronic health record that makes sharing your medical information easy, and keeping it updated even easier. LifeDoc puts you in control of your medical history, with a personal health record that’s made with you in mind. Securely storing the health information you need, and ensuring it’s available to you or your medical practitioner when it’s needed, is what we do. And now, as our new LifeDoc™ application is live and available for download on Android devices, with iOS coming soon. We’d like to show you a little more about how it works.

Let’s Get Started
Grab your Android phone, and make sure you’re online with an active WiFi or data connection. Head on over to the Google Play Store and download the LifeDoc application here. It’s absolutely free to use, so there are no nasty surprises waiting for your wallet. Next, you’ll need to click ‘sign up’ and don’t forget to use a secure password. We make sure to apply the highest level of security to your LifeDoc profile, because your personal health record is an important asset for your lifestyle. Using the highest level of SSL certification, we make sure your data is stored in a fully encrypted database, and that it is not shared with any third parties.

Now You’re All Signed Up
That wasn’t too difficult, now was it? Before you continue exploring LifeDoc™, don’t forget to:

  • Read through and accept our terms and conditions
  • Sign up for our newsletter, where we’ll keep you up to date on all things LifeDoc and, we promise, no spam allowed.

Once You’re Logged In
Now that you’re logged in, take some time to set up your LifeDoc™ profile, and include an up-to-date profile picture. This is an important step, because it may be used in an emergency situation. Making it easy to identify you when you may not be able to speak for yourself, is part of the reason why we created LifeDoc™.

Build Your Health Record
Once you’re all set up, you can begin capturing those important health statistics, information and records, from wherever you are. Click the ‘plus’ sign in the blue circle that you’ll find on the bottom right of your screen, and we make it easy to capture:

  • Your vital signs, including blood pressure and other readings
  • Information on allergies and medical conditions
  • Photographs of medical scripts and other important documentation
  • Notes and data related to a medical event or appointment

We’ve also included an easy-to-use One Time Pin (OTP) service within the application, so you can easily give your doctor access to an important health record.

Free to Use
Of course, all these great facilities probably have a price attached, right? Wrong! LifeDoc™ is completely free to use. And the security of our platform is our strength, so we ensure that your personal health record is safe, yet easily accessible, from wherever you are.

LifeDoc Can Help
Now that LifeDoc™ is completely available and in your pocket, we can help even more! Use the LifeDoc™ app to securely store your family’s personal health records and stay up to date with those vaccination schedules. Check out this video for more information on the new LifeDoc™ app, and register here, or like the LifeDoc™ Facebook page for regular updates. You can also stay on track with LifeDoc™ developments on Twitter.