Life Beyond The Hard Lockdown: A New Way Of Living

Life Beyond The Hard Lockdown: A New Way Of Living
20 July 2020
Adjusting to life during a pandemic

Life beyond the hard lockdown period can take some adjustment - you’re not alone in feeling a little strange! Taking care of your mental health as we adjust to a new way of living is important. 



Life Beyond Lockdown

We’re still moving through our lockdown levels in South Africa, as our country works to curb the spread of COVID-19. While many industries have reopened and much economic activity has resumed, the world does operate quite differently now. While that may feel comforting, many people report that adjusting to a new way of living feels strange and unsettling. You’re not alone in this. Taking care of your mental health, as we adjust to a new way of living, is important. 


Adjusting To A New Way Of Living

At first, we had to adjust to living under a hard lockdown, as South Africa took measures to try and contain the COVID-19 pandemic within our borders. But, as economic activities resume, we must adjust to a new way of living. The shift from a hard lockdown, to a risk-adjusted range of lockdown levels, doesn’t just change things in our physical world; it changes things in our mental health too.


Social Distancing Has Changed Our Social Lives 

In line with the guidelines for social distancing, our social lives look different, and may remain so for some time. This can affect the way we live, enjoy leisure time, and our quality time with loved ones. In particular, children and the older members of our families may feel the impact the most. As COVID-19 appears to be quite dangerous for the elderly, and people who have specific health conditions, extra precautions must be taken. Moreover, social visits, parties, and public events are to be avoided. Adapting to a different way of socialising can feel strange, as human beings are - by nature - social creatures. 


Feeling Weighed Down

Many reports on mental health have hit the headlines during 2020. It’s been commonly reported that significant numbers of people are battling to sleep, work, or stay focused, during this time. If you find you’re battling with anxiety, or any other mental health concerns, we recommend:


  • Booking an appointment with your doctor or therapist: Chat to your doctor or therapist about your current circumstances, and ask for their advice on how you can move forward. It may be appropriate to attend virtual therapy sessions, in-person appointments, or ask for a suitable prescription.

  • Making sure you get enough rest and relaxation: Taking time for yourself is an important component of maintaining good mental health. Whether that’s going for a run, reading a good book, or simply indulging in a big bubble bath at the end of the day, make sure you make time for you. 

  • Turning off the news, now and then: The headlines and constant newsfeeds can wear you down, mentally. Stepping away from social media, turning off the news, or simply logging off for a few days, can do your mind a whole bunch of good! 

  • Seek out helpful resources: The SA Coronavirus website lists key contact information for organisations that can assist. Reaching out when you need help is important.


LifeDoc Can Help

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. If you’re looking for further advice about maintaining your family’s health, visit the LifeDoc blog, or consult with your doctor and clinic sister. Take your notes with LifeDoc ™. LifeDoc ™ helps you take charge of your personal health information, remember medical appointments, and securely stores your personal medical history. Stay up to date with LifeDoc™ on Facebook and Twitter.