Let’s add almonds to every day

Let’s add almonds to every day
11 February 2019
Almonds are nutritional wonders, and an essential addition to your lunchbox or evening meal, every day.

Almonds’ nutritional value

If music be the food of love, then almonds are the health-conscious human’s greatest love affair. Almonds contain magnesium, calcium, Vitamin E, and potassium. They’re also rich in fibre and protein. They’re considered the best not-actually-a-nut to eat (more on that later!), and especially good when served raw and unsalted. Luckily, raw almonds taste just as good as their roasted counterpart. Of course, if you’re going to integrating almonds into your family’s diet, don’t forget to check if anyone has experienced issues with consuming nuts in the past, or has tested positive for a nut allergy.

The assorted uses of almonds

Almonds are a particular favourite amongst vegan and vegetarian lifestyle followers, as they’re so very versatile. Almond milk offers coffee lovers a tasty alternative to traditional milk, and making almond milk is relatively easy to do at home. Jamie Oliver shows you how to make your own here. Bonus: you can use the pulp from this recipe to make almond flour too!

The not-a-nut news about almonds

Although you’ll find them in the nut section of the supermarket, the almonds you eat are not actually nuts. They’re considered drupes, which means almonds are much like walnuts, pecans, and hilariously, peaches. The part you love to eat is the seed of the actual fruit.

Let’s cook!

We love these almond-infused recipes, and recommend adding them to your monthly meal plan:

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