The Lazy Guide to Healthy Lunchboxes

The Lazy Guide to Healthy Lunchboxes
01 February 2016
Don’t give in to the allure of the tuckshop! While packing a lunchbox every day can seem like a task and a half sometimes, it doesn’t need to be.

We’ve created this quick and lazy guide to lunchboxes, that’ll help you ensure that your children eat well, every day.

Preparation is Everything

Nobody has time or brainpower in the mornings to rumble through the breakfast routine and think up a healthy lunch option, while getting the kids ready for school. Rather, pack lunchboxes the night before, while you’re busy with making dinner. This way, you’ll have more time on your hands and are more equipped to think up a tasty yet healthy sandwich filling. It also helps you when adding chopped vegetables to lunch for the next day, as you won’t need to slice up carrots twice.

Bulk Up with Bulk Buying

Throwing in a packet of trail mix or nuts with seeds is made easy, thanks to your local grocery store. Make sure to pop a strip of trail mix packets into your shopping cart, as these are healthier additions to daily lunchbox meals. If you prefer, buy big packets of nuts and seeds and split it up into single serving portions using zip-lock bags. They’ll stay fresh and you’ll always have an easy supply of lunchbox snacks when you need them.

Kids in the Kitchen

Getting children invested in making meals helps when they’re picky eaters. Lay out the lunch options, snacks and fruit, and let them pack their own lunchboxes as a daily chore. It’ll help, especially, when you’ve been diligently popping an apple into the lunchbox, only to see it return day after day, uneaten. Before you pop them into the fridge to keep cool for the night, don’t forget to stick in a little note for your child too. Wish them good luck with a test, or remind them to pick up those notes from their Science teacher at break time.

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