Kindness Can Change The World

Kindness Can Change The World
22 November 2019
The world acknowledged the power of kindness, during World Kindness Day on 13 November. But how can kindness help your wellbeing, and not just the lives of others?
The science is in: kindness can change the world while improving your life and the lives of others.

A little kindness matters
Our lives demand that we give so much of our energy, time, and money to our careers and families, that it often feels like there’s little left for ourselves. Making time to be kind to yourself should be a priority - whether that’s spending an hour in the gym every day, reading a favourite book, or simply enjoying some quiet time before breakfast. However, you choose to be kind to yourself, make it a daily priority, and set it into your schedule. Set yourself a kindness challenge, or start a kindness and gratitude journal - you’ll soon see a difference in the way you think and act every day!
The science of kindness
Setting yourself a list of kindness goals can help you reset your perspective on life, and feel better about yourself, every day. Medical science agrees, too, as this study found a strong link between performing acts of kindness and improving mental health. By setting kindness as a personal goal, you can make a difference in the world around you and your inner world too.
Kindness starts at home
Of course, we’re not advocating you suddenly sign up for every single option when it comes to volunteering, or commit yourself to a lifetime of charity work. Although if you can do this, do it! Instead, find a way to work your kindness goals into your day. Whether that means signing up for a shift at the local soup kitchen, or simply letting someone else into your lane while you’re in traffic, find unique ways to focus on kindness every day.
Create a kindness challenge
Adopting kindness as a way of life isn’t just for you - it’s for everyone! Get your family involved by turning acts of kindness into daily tasks, and see how everyone takes part. Start a kindness journal for every person or start a dinner conversation around the concept of kindness. Make talking about your acts of kindness something your family shares every evening, and that’ll help to motivate everyone towards doing small acts of kindness every day.

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