How Healthy Are Your Teeth?

How Healthy Are Your Teeth?
18 September 2017
Dispelling some of the myths around oral hygiene...

Going to the dentist isn’t always something we look forward to, but it also needn’t be so scary. We consider some of the big myths around oral health, and counteract them with the facts.

Myth 1: white teeth are healthy teeth 
While your favourite toothpaste may claim to make your teeth bright and white, that’s not necessarily a sign of good oral health. Healthy teeth are naturally different shades, and the only person who can really tell you whether your teeth are in good shape is your dentist, not the reflection you see in the mirror.  

Myth 2: Brushing hard gets rid of more plaque 
Using a hard toothbrush, or brushing your teeth with ferocity, is not necessarily going to get them any cleaner than usual. In fact, the harder you brush, the more likely you are to damage your teeth and gums. Rather, select a toothbrush that your dentist recommends, and don’t start scrubbing when you should be brushing.  

Myth 3: Baby teeth don’t matter 
Despite what you may have read, baby teeth matter A LOT! Instilling good oral health routines into your child’s daily life is important, and not just because they need to smile nicely for their school photos. The roots of baby teeth will help to guide your child’s permanent teeth into place, so it’s just as important to look after baby teeth, as it is to look after adult teeth.  

Myth 4: There’s no pain, so there’s no problem 
Toothache is a common side-effect of having a cavity, but not every cavity will be painful. In fact, by the time you’re experiencing toothache, the cavity has taken hold and is now affecting the nerves attached to your tooth. That’s why regular dental check-ups are essential, so you can stop cavities from forming.

Myth 5: Flossing is just for fun 
While the mint-tasting dental floss may taste very nice, it’s not just for fun. Even though you brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day, you still need to floss. Skip the floss, and you’re missing out on cleaning more than thirty percent of your teeth’s surface area. Don’t skip it! 

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