A Healthy Easter Season

A Healthy Easter Season
30 March 2020
Our list of healthy treats for the Easter season.

A Season To Celebrate

The first of the holiday seasons for 2020 is coming up! We’re excited to gear down (2020 has been a busy year, so far!) for a little bit, and spend some time with the ones we love. If you’re planning an extra-special feast or two for Easter, we’ve rounded up our favourite approach, and healthy treats, for this special season.

Don’t Forget

As always, don’t forget: the healthiest way to live is to live with health as your goal. Don’t let yourself feel too much guilt for the occasional treat, and make room in your diet and lifestyle for pleasure. Eating good food that serves your body well, and enables you to live life healthily, can be achieved even when you sneak in an Easter egg or two. We appreciate the 80/20 approach to healthy living in this way because it makes room for living life well. 

Our Favourite Healthy Easter Treats

Of course, this is the season for chocolate, and there’s nothing wrong with a little piece or two. That said, if you’re looking for ways to bulk up the Easter feast with healthier options, we recommend these charming recipes:

  • Apple Slice Easter Eggs: Using apple slices, fruit, yoghurt, or cream cheese, these are a cute little addition to your family feast, that the kids will love. 
  • Strawberry and Blueberry Egg Nests: I’m so excited by the idea of these, that I think I will make them for breakfast tomorrow! A sweet combination of fruit and chocolate that ticks all my treat boxes. 
  • Carrot Patch Cake: A sweet slice of this carrot patch cake sounds like the perfect accompaniment for your feast. 
  • Gluten-Free Hot Cross Buns: These are going to become a staple in my home, and the addition of lemon cashew cream is making me salivate as I type. Bonus points for this gluten-free recipe! 

LifeDoc Can Help

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