Health starts in the ground

Health starts in the ground
10 December 2018
The foundation of health is found in the ground. Soil health is an integral component of the food journey, and the healthier our soil, the healthier the food we eat is.

World Soil Day
World Soil Day is acknowledged on 5 December every year, and aims to highlight the importance of soil health across the globe. Unfortunately, declining soil health negatively impacts human health. Declining soil fertility and soil health significantly affects plant growth, quality, and yield. As global soil health declines, the fresh produce we eat becomes more and more difficult to grow, and the quality of it declines.

Human health and soil health
Bad agricultural practices, matched with substantially increased demands made on agricultural land due to global overpopulation, has led to an important turning point for humanity. We need to take better care of our soil, to sustain our world’s population more effectively. Good soil, that enables us to grow great fruits and vegetables, and feed our families, is a finite resource. Best we tend to it wisely.

Your vegetable garden
Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a fabulous way to cut back on your grocery bill, and remain well-informed on just how organic your family’s meals really are. It’s also a fun family activity, that gets everyone outdoors for the day, and teaches children about the all-important processes that go into growing their own food. Improving the soil health in your garden is an important way to improve the quality and quantity of fresh produce you put on your family’s plate. If you’d like to improve the soil health of your vegetable garden, we recommend:

  • Test your soil: enquire at your local nursery or hardware store, to find out more about tests you can do to check the nutrient quality of your soil.
  • Choose the right fertilizer: wherever possible, try and avoid chemical fertilizers and opt for organic fertilizers. Make your own compost too, as this means you can be assured of quality and ingredients.
  • Adjust your soil: adding in organic matter, such as leaves and mulch, can help to improve your garden’s soil health. As these decay, they release nutrients into the soil, improving its condition and quality.

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