The Good Life

The Good Life
21 October 2019
During National Nutrition Week, we consider that the best diet plan for your family, may be the simplest one.

No Restrictions

 Adopting a new type of diet plan could seem like a solution for your family, especially if you’re looking to lose weight. Diet plans, however, don’t necessarily accommodate different body types, allergies, sensitivities, and other lifestyle-related factors. Of course, if you’re being treated for a chronic condition, you may need to adhere to a particular type of diet, but all in all, we don’t believe that restricting food groups, for the sake of losing weight, is the right idea around nutrition. Instead, we believe in the 80/20 approach, that can be adapted for nearly everything related to your family’s nutrition.

Where Good Nutrition Begins

Good nutrition begins with incorporating a wide variety of food, with a particular focus on enjoying what life has to offer. Nature has provided human beings (and animals!) with a vast array of foodstuffs, ranging in colour, texture, taste, and flavour, that can provide us with the right amount of nutrition to grow and thrive. But, it’s how we choose to consume our food, and how we select our meals, that really matters.

The 80/20 Approach

The 80/20 approach is quite simple and enables you and your family to enjoy all the good things in life, without feeling restricted or deprived. It’s a simple enough perspective: enjoy healthy meals 80% of the time, and savour treats and delights for 20% of the time. This approach can also be applied to the food you choose - select fresh food items for 80% of the time, and enjoy processed food for 20% of the time. When it comes to your meals, add 80% fresh fruit and vegetables to your plate, and enjoy a 20% serving of meat and other items. You could also apply the 80/20 approach to your exercise routine, and thereby ensuring you always allow yourself a rest day during the week!

Variety and Appetite

 Offering your children a wide variety of food items will expand their palates, and empower them towards making good food choices as they grow up. By adopting an 80/20 approach to your children’s eating, it’ll make treat time extra special, and ensure they’re getting all the nutrition they need to grow and thrive.

Accounting for Allergies

Naturally, if you need to manage any food-related allergies or sensitivities, the 80/20 approach makes that easier. Many food-related sensitivities are linked to the consumption of preservatives or other processed foods, so avoiding those gets easier when you take on the 80/20 approach. Similarly, if you need to avoid a particular type of foodstuff, it’s easier to plan for making up any nutritional loss, by simply adding more variety to your 80 side of life.

LifeDoc Can Help

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