Get on your Bike!

Get on your Bike!
23 April 2018
Growing up, you spent a lot of time on your bicycle, exploring the neighbourhood with friends, or popping in to visit people.

You probably cycled to and from your local shop more times than you can count, and you definitely scraped your knee once or twice when you fell off your bike. But, in adulthood, you’ve forgotten that familiar feeling of wind in your hair and the sun on your back. It’s time to start pedalling again. Here’s why:

Health Benefits of Cycling
Perhaps you’re keen to just cycle around the neighbourhood, or you’re thinking about taking part in an upcoming race. No matter which end of the cycling spectrum you’re on, here’s what you can look forward to enjoying, as a side-effect of cycling:
Low Impact Exercise: Cycling is considered to a be a low impact form of exercise, causing less muscle strain and injury, when compared with other forms of exercise. If you haven’t yet learnt how to ride a bicycle, it’s relatively easy to learn too.

Excellent Muscle Workout: Cycling uses all the major muscle groups, as you pedal along, so don’t be disheartened while you’re heading up a hill – it’s good for you!
Increased Cardiovascular Fitness: Regular cycling helps you keep your heart in great shape, while helping you stay fit and healthy.

Lose a Few Kilograms: Cycling helps you lose weight and keep it off. Cycling helps you burn off calories, build muscle, and improve your overall health. 

Improved Coordination: If you’re regularly dropping glasses or can’t seem to aim right during a leisurely game of pool, cycling can help! Improving your coordination skills isn’t only a task for childhood.

A New Way to Get to Work: Your petrol bill is crazy, and you don’t even hit the freeway to get to the office! Riding your bicycle to work could be a great alternative to your typical commute. Check out the route, the weather, and you can double-up on using your time. Rather than sitting in traffic, you’re getting a little exercise in before you start your workday.

LifeDoc Can Help
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