Get ready for school (and great health!) with these apps.

Get ready for school (and great health!) with these apps.
07 January 2019
Technology can be an empowering tool (and a lifesaver during the school holidays!) Help your kids start the school year, the right way, with our list of top apps:
Health & Happiness

Getting children invested in their own health, and having them participate in meal preparation, food selection, and smaller chores, is important for their development. Make their health journey a little easier with these gamification apps:

  • Fooducate: Brave the malls and take the kids shopping with you! Fooducate helps you turn it into an educational experience, enabling your littlest shopper to simply scan a barcode and find out more about the product’s nutritional value. Fooducate rates processed and packaged foods uses a letter-based rating system, and backs up its rating with nutritional information.
  • Big Fork, Little Fork: Packed with big bunches of fabulous food-related information, Big Fork, Little Fork is a helpful tool for family meal planning, and excellent for children to use too. The app includes video content that showcase how children can participate in food preparation activities, and incredible games, designed especially for the little ones.
  • Eat & Move-O-Matic: Turning the lesson of “what you put in, is what you get out” into something quite easy to understand, Eat & Move-O-Matic helps children understand the process behind caloric intake. This app helps children (and parents) make responsible food choices, and easily compare food combinations and meals. Keep an eye out for the cute cartoon illustrations!
Get Ready for the School Year

The holidays are coming to an end, and you’re preparing your child for a brand new school year. We recommend these apps to get their brains buzzing, before the big first day:

  • DragonBox Big Numbers: Learn all about big numbers, long addition, and subtraction with DragonBox Big Numbers. The Nooms will keep your child company as they learn and explore the fascinating world of Noomia.
  • Reading Raven: If 2019 is the year your child learns to read, then Reading Raven is a must. These learn-to-read games help your children learn the basics of reading, at their own pace.
  • Xander Apps: South African-born and beautiful to boot, the award-winning range of Xander apps are an essential. Educational content, designed for young children, is made available in their mother tongue. Xander’s current language library includes: English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Swahili, Setswana, Shona, and Sesotho.
LifeDoc Can Help

Start 2019 off the right way, with the help of technology. If your children have any questions relating to their health and nutrition, however, it’s empowering and important that they get the opportunity to chat to your family doctor, clinic sister, or nurse. LifeDoc ™ can help. LifeDoc ™ helps you take charge of your personal health information, remember medical appointments, and securely stores your personal medical history. Stay up to date with LifeDoc™ on Facebook and Twitter.