Get the Best From Your Bread

Get the Best From Your Bread
18 November 2019
Everyone appreciates a good sandwich, but many of us avoid bread entirely as part of our eating plan. We’re here to say: bring the bread back, but just do it the right way.

Pick the right bread
If you’re missing your favourite lunchtime meal, take heart. There’s no need to avoid bread when there are so many options available to you. Pull out that family recipe book, and start thinking about making your own bread at home. Enjoy a reinvigorated outlook on the simple sandwich. By simply picking the right bread, you could easily integrate sandwiches back into your everyday eating plan. Selecting whole-grain bread, rye or oat bread makes it a little easier - and healthier! - to have that sandwich.
Bake your own loaf
It may seem like a time-consuming task, but baking your own bread has big benefits for your family’s health. Whether you use a bread maker, or bake your loaves in your oven, baking your own bread is often recommended. Here’s why:

  • You’ll enjoy fresh bread every day, or whenever you have time to bake a loaf. Tip: using a bread maker helps to cut down on the time you need to devote to baking your own loaves. Follow the instructions from your bread maker manufacturer, and you could wake up every morning to a fresh, warm loaf.
  • It’s easier to avoid preservatives. Many commercially available loaves of bread use preservatives as part of their baking recipe, to ensure bread lasts longer on supermarket shelves.
  • It’s an easy way to eliminate or minimise your family’s sugar intake. Many commercially available loaves of bread also use sugar in their recipes. If you’re looking to avoid sugar or cut back on your family’s intake, this is one clever way to ensure you are.
  • Avoiding allergens is easier. If a member of your family is lactose-intolerant or sensitive to any particular type of foodstuff, it’s much easier to make your own bread and completely avoid any allergic reactions.
  • You’ll enjoy experimenting. By baking your own loaves of bread, you’ll be able to enjoy a vast array of recipes and experiment with ingredients. Adding your favourite fruit, nuts, seeds, or even zest and spices, to a lovely loaf is such a great way to enjoy your sandwiches.

Our favourite healthy bread recipes
We’ve collected our top five healthy bread recipes. Try these healthy bread recipes out and let us know how your experiments in the kitchen end up:

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