Fritter Up!

Fritter Up!
15 July 2019
They’re the ultimate side dish, and fritters make your meal great! Here’s why we like them so much:

Corn: Good or Bad?

Corn gets a bit of a bad rep now and then, because the processed version of one of our country’s staples can be used in a variety of different ways . However, corn isn’t bad at all, and can form an important part of your diet. Corn is a good source of fibre, and an ear of sweet corn contains just half the natural sugar of a regular banana. Of course, the type of corn you eat, how you prepare it, and what you add to your dish will have an effect on the kind of nutritional benefits you’ll reap. Big tip: buy your corn fresh, and avoid products that contain list corn syrup as an ingredient.

A Zest for Zucchini

A nutrient-dense food that is flavourful and versatile, zucchinis add a special zest to your meal. Moreover, they’re rich in fibre, B Vitamins, and manganese - all essential vitamins and minerals that help you and your family stay healthy.

Fritter Up

Of course, creating delectable corn or zucchini fritters is a great way to get those vegetables in to picky eaters’ mouths. Most types of fritters can be baked, and not fried. But, if you are keen to fry your fritters, an air fryer would be the best option as you’ll use far less oil than if you fry them in a pan.

Our favourite recipes

This Air Fryer Zucchini Corn Fritter recipe is an incredible combination of healthy goodness and delectable treat.

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