Fibre is Fabulous

Fibre is Fabulous
02 December 2019
We’re not just talking about your internet connection: here’s why dietary fibre matters so much to your body and health.

Fibre is Fabulous

Consuming a balanced diet and ensuring you and your family’s nutritional needs are met, isn’t always so easy. But, with a little effort, planning, and the occasional treat, it can be simpler than you expect. If there’s one element of a healthy nutritional plan you may need to focus on, however, it’s probably your fibre intake. Fibre is an essential dietary component, as it helps your body to:

  • Process food and waste correctly.
  • Manage your blood sugar levels.
  • Lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Decrease your likelihood of developing certain diseases or conditions.

Just those four reasons are fabulous enough to motivate you to: add more fibre.

Your Fibre Intake

Ensuring your diet includes enough fibre is made easy enough when you consider just how many great sources of fibre there are for you to enjoy. Your recommended daily intake of fibre for:

  • Men over the age of 50: 30 grams per day.
  • Women over the age of 50: 21 grams per day. 
  • Boys and men up to the age of 50: 38 grams per day. 
  • Girls and women up to the age of 50: 25 grams.

Best Sources of Fibre

Enjoying a well-balanced diet that focuses on ensuring you consume the right amount of fibre turns super simple when you realise just how many great-tasting sources of dietary fibre there are! The fibre content of the food you eat makes a real difference to your diet, health, and general wellbeing. In particular, we enjoy these great sources of dietary fibre:

  • Whole wheat pasta: That’s a good reason for spaghetti tonight. 
  • Whole-grain bread and cereals: Just check the sugar content on your cereal!
  • Whole grain flour: Great for baking.
  • Raw vegetables: Yes, crunching on raw broccoli is right on trend this season.
  • Fruit: As if we ever needed more excuses to enjoy our five a day.
  • Legumes, peas, and beans: Beans on toast, yes please!
  • Nuts and seeds: Yes, we mean popcorn here too.

LifeDoc Can Help

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