Festive Season – Healthy Options

Festive Season – Healthy Options
11 December 2017
Healthy eating and holidays don’t usually mix, but our holiday health guidelines make it a little easier to stay on track:

Deprivation isn’t helpful
There, we said it: depriving yourself of the festive season indulgences isn’t helpful. In fact, you may end up feeling resentful about sticking to your usual eating plan, and end up overdoing it at another time. Rather, adjust your eating plan for the holidays to include a little of what you like, and increase your activity level to offset any indulgence. Feel like settling in for that Christmas cake? Do it, guilt-free, by adding an extra run around the park to your day (if you have dogs, they will love the extra walk for the day too!) If you feel like treating your sweet tooth, simply cut back on other carbohydrates for the day – take the chocolate, skip the potatoes.

Eat your vegetables first
Those big family feasts are great for your soul, but not so great for your waistline. While your grandmother implores you to add another serving of the roast to your plate, start with the vegetables first. That way, you’ll edge off the hunger with healthy food and not fill up on the unhealthy stuff. Avoiding over-indulgence like this means you won’t be missing any of the important holiday treats, but you’ll still be able to stick to your health goals.

Get the sleep you need
Parties, family events, and other get-togethers are fabulous for spending quality time with the people you love, but staying up until sunrise isn’t good for your health. Make sure you stick to a regular sleeping schedule and aim for a good six to nine hours of sleep a night. You can’t really catch up on sleep, but you can ward off holiday fatigue by sticking to your normal schedule.

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